30 Logos in 30 Days

To enhance my design skills, I decided to do a 30 logos in 30 days challenge. The project started off slow but after the first few logos the rest came really quickly and get better as I continue.

While doing this I am also trying to get quicker at designer so I am trying to keep the time it takes to make each logo under 10 minutes.

Alison Cosmetics

The first one of the logo challenge. This one started off relatively hard getting my design juices flowing and creating a logo. The cosmetic brand as well also proved relatively tricky to design for. I am relatively happy with the end result but would be eager to see what I would do for the same thing in 3 months time.

Zelda Guide

The second one for the challenge was creating a logo for Zelda Guide. This was a fun one playing with different lines to create the Z to showcase Zelda.

Triple Wp

For this logo I really wanted to focus on lettering over an image. Furthermore I added the 3 on the end to add some colour and a little bit more to an otherwise bland logo.

Freight First

Another lettering logo similar to that of the previous one but adding a bit more text-decoration to the “f”. This coupled with using an italic font giving it a bit more look of speed is something I really liked about this logo.

Sushi Zen

This is by far my favourite one so far, (close with Zelda Guide). I love the use of both the chop sticks and the little sushi above it really adding a bit more dimension to the logo. This coupled with the basic text below it, really makes it my favourite one so far.

Check back later to see the other 25 logos!