So, you want to learn about me? 

As you might have guessed, my name is Shaun Gibson and this is my design portfolio.

Graduating from St Edmunds College in 2015 and finding out shortly after the career I wanted to do in engineering wasn’t for me I pursued something slightly different. 

I swapped shortly after to a Bachelor of Design (Honours) at the Queensland University of Technology which I recently graduated from. My major was Interactive and Visual Design but it’d take some time before I knew what else to do. I dabbled in Computer Generated Imagery and other sorts but at this point in time, the time I spent doing the degree was a blast. It left me craving more which has left me to keep learning about this and where I can go with it in the future. I began exploring other minor options leading me into Industrial Design, letting me get more hands-on with projects. That year I also embarked on my first internship at Healthy Land and Water before working there casually. Soon after I was developing Soundscape for ISPT SuperProperty with a group of mates, which was awarded best in classes. This all then culminated in my final year working on Tic Tac Lumosity all year long and working at Fonseka Innovations as my second internship in as many years. All this experience I gained through university and outside led me to be the best designer I can be and taught me so much along the way.




I’ve interned at some big brands…


But none compare to where I work now…

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