Clean Brews Branding*

*This is a fake company made up by myself for the purpose of practicing branding design


The aim for the Clean Brews Cans was primarily to practice my branding design skills and create a can that stands out, attracting people to purchase it over a competitor. The use of the bright colours aids in helping it stand out, the colours additionally double as identifiers for the different kinds on offer for people to grab.

Using Adobe Illustrator to create the visuals, the wavey pattern is a nod to the liquid inside the can and the unique flow. The text “Clean” is put in big letters and the middle of the can helping it to stand out with “Brews” slight smaller and located just below it. 

Below all this is the type of drink that the person can grab where orange is an XPA brew, green is an IPA and blue is a Lager.

Overall this was a cool experience experimenting with colour variations along with sizings and smaller details on the can. In the future I would like to use Adobe Dimension to put the design onto a 3D object opposed to using a mockup and using Photoshop.