Over the years I’ve experimented with photography. It became a hobby over everything allowing me to take photos of different landscapes or objects and showcase them better through post production or leaving the photo raw.

Daniel Ricciardo 2019 Helmet

Recently I purchased a half scale replica of Daniel Ricciardo’s Formula One helmet. I really enjoyed looking at this helmet with its bright colours really attracting people to it. It quickly became a talking point when people came in immediately asking about it. This led me to take a few photos of the helmet and put those images into Photoshop and Lightroom to make it look that much better. This also let me play around with contrasts and brightness in Lightroom whilst experimenting in different methods to remove the background of the image.

Tic Tac Lumosity

For my honours project, I created Tic Tac Lumosity, which you can find out more about here. To showcase the project online and on my Instagram platform I had to take some photos.

Out of all the photos I took I really like this one as whilst the object is emitting a blue light, the image in the background showcases it showing both yellow and green as well.

The Beach

How could I not pull out the camera with a view like this?

Assortment of Photos