Beats Wifi Router

The Beats wifi router is a project that explores the well-known company in Beats by Dre and envisions how a wifi router would look if they made one. The key skills learnt in making the Beats Wifi Router was the using of Fusion 360 and furthering my drawing ability. The first time drawing 3D models and then enhancing them with CAD software. 

Working on this was apart my Industrial Design minor giving me skills in CAD software along with advancing my 3D drawing skills.

This was looked at by exploring the exisiting Beats products ranging from their headphones to their speakers. From here it was determined that they stick to a circular form for their products. This leads into the main principal for all the sketches which is maximising the circular form for their wife router.

Initial Concepts

The initial concepts are focused on looking at what Beats already does and creating something that could act as a wifi router. Based on existing Beats products, the company uses a lot a circles in creating their headphones and speakers. Based on this research it shows that a Beats Wifi Router wouldn’t be sqaure, it would have curves keeping consistency with other Beats products.

First Renders

Based on the initial renders I was able to move into rendering some ideas. This was my first time using Fusion 360 and I instantly fell in love with the program after creating these two renders. The two renders showcase two differing ideas of how the Wifi Router would look. The second is the more promising potential of how a Beats Wifi Router would look.

These two ideas were then refined into a final solution Beats Wifi Router which can be used as a portable wifi router. The renders follow the form Beats use and is a realistic option for Beats to use in the future if they ever make a wifi router. Though the second is a better idea of what a Beats Wifi Router would look like due to its circular nature, I decided to build on the first as I believed it had more potential as a router and presented a more difficult challenge and I really enjoy a challenge

Final Renders

After deciding on the first option, I opted to transform it into a wireless router and a charger/range extender. Going with this option over the other was the better option as this solution is more portable for users opposed to the alternative. 

Router in Use

The image below showcases how the wifi router could be used in a real world situation.

Overall, this was my first experience in Industrial Design and loved it. If I hadn’t started it so late in my university studies I probably would’ve looked at adding it as a second major. Though not taking away from my true passion in my actual major, Interactive and Visual Design, I’ll be looking to continue working on my Industrial design skills, especially when it comes to my Honours Project Tic Tac Lumosity.