Computer Generated Imagery Works

Working over a recent semester I explored creating different CGI works learn a new program in the process. This program was Maya which I used to create three different animations. These vary in complexity and can be seen below and on my Sketchfab account.

My First 3D Model

This was my first one and lead to me learning the required knowledge to make the next one. This model involved creating a park which included a wall, bench and the trampoline. The next phase for this was animating the ball so it bounces from the bench to the trampoline. This was a relatively long process for me as it was my first time. The process was long as the ball squishes as it hits the trampoline as it simultaneously pushes down.

Developing My Skills

After the park model, I furthered my skill with the next one. The ball for this one has a lot more bounces than the previous model. As well as the ball is also features a wind turbine which spins around.

Putting My Skills To Use

The last of my 3D model was putting all my skills to the test making my own model. This model is based on the wildlife in the environment modelling skins for the mountain and the terrain. This is then emphasised by the deer I put in and the clouds about the grass which move around the model.

I really enjoyed working on these CGI models. I learnt something new which without the class I wouldn’t of tried at any point but since this class I am eager to continue working on Maya projects into the future.

Check out some of my other range of works below.

Video Editing Work

Exploring the edits

Graphic Design Works

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Interaction Design Work

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