Presentation Design

Welcome to my Powerpoints work page. During my final year at university for Honours I had a lot of opportunities to create some eye catching Powerpoints, here are my three favourite ones. These presentations helped me to achieve my goal to not only graduate university but do so with Second Class Honours, Division A.

Innovative Design Presentation

One of my first Powerpoints for Honours and none more so important. The Powerpoint was all about conveying different research into existing design works leading to why I chose to do what I did for my overall Honours Project, Tic Tac Lumosity

Professional Strategy

This was one of my last Powerpoints I did at university but stands out as one of my top ones. The idea behind it was to showcase the next steps in my career as a designer and what my strategy for the next years was going to be

Tic Tac Lumosity

This was the presentation that lay the foundations for my honours project outline what I had currently done towards it and where I wanted to go next with the project.