Shaun Gibson Portfolio Theme

This is a on-going project 

The website you’re currently navigating is probably one of my biggest projects to date. The website has evolved over time with new content along with a new website styling in itself.

Theres been a lot of changes to the site since it was first made in 2018, all these changes were made with the sole purpose of making the website that little bit better each time for the users using the site.

The website uses a WordPress theme coded by myself. Using WordPress as the Content Management System for the website, I coded the theme using Brackets writing primarily in the coding language of PHP, CSS and Javascript to create the foundations of the website. From there some of the website pages use a website drag and drop builder which in this case I decided to use Elementor.

The idea behind creating this website is to allow people to view my best work and learn more about it and me. These different works better showcase my abilities as a designer.

The website is broken down into separate pages with four main ones being home, about, project and contact. The biggest page is projects which houses a page for each project and allowing people to quickly access any project they are looking to learn more about.