SoundScape is an interactive design installation. The project was through a university class where we partnered with a leading Super Investment company in ISPT. The idea was to utilising ISPT’s existing infrastructure to create a community engagement space.

A lot of research was undertaken which looked into what could be placed within their massive property portfolio which ranged all over Australia. After different ideas, myself and my group class mates came up with the SoundScape idea.

SoundScape aims to use audio collected from busy cities and rural areas to create a digital art piece. These pieces are unique to each city or rural space and allow for connection using the contrast and comparison of different areas visuals. The digital noticeboard feature allows for users to learn about the areas which SoundScape is being displayed. With the SoundScape digital art piece working in conjunction with the digital noticeboard, we hope to create a connection between communities of different cities and towns across Australia.

After the semester finished we were award a certificate and prize money for creating the solution that ISPT thought was the best out of the rest. We had an additionally meeting with ISPT along with their media company to discuss the potential of rolling out this project but unfortunately, nothing came from it.

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