Tic Tac Lumosity

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Shaun Gibson Behance

Tic Tac Lumosity was my final university project completed in 2020, my final year of study before graduating. The project initially began back in March 2020 with the first idea very different to what was presented at the graduation show in November. The journey between March and November was an enjoyable and educational experience learning things I never would’ve without a project like this.

The project itself is an interactive installation inspired by others which have come before it. Aiming to connect people in the community through engaging with them. By displaying bright visualisations on a spinning cylinder, allowing each user that interacts with it to create different visuals. These visuals are based off how the user spins it, additionally the visuals themselves are almost impossible to recreate exactly enticing users to experiment and continue to play with the installation. based on their interaction with it. The project took advantage of the skills I learnt in my previous three years of university and my skills in industrial design. completing this as a minor during my studies at university. 

How it works.

The installation makes use of an Arduino, utilising this as the brains behind it. Along with the Arduino, the installation incorporates an MPU-6050 sensor, ten LEDs and a 12-volt battery. To keep a seamless exterior all this tech was installed inside the installation with the wires casting shadows adding another element.

To aid in making the spin of the installation as seamless as possible, bearings were added to the top and bottom. Not only was this the best option in making the spin of the installation seamless, keeping it on one axis, it also aided in guiding the installation and stopping it from wobbling.

Project Renders

To better visualise sizings for the different parts of the project, I used my past experiences in Fusion 360 to create a 3D render of what the project would look like when complete. Based on this I was able to show this model to people testing out what that thought and make changes before anything was locked in. One key thing the render showcased was how it was going to sit on the base. A pole runs through it and is stationary as the frosted acrylic spins around, the acrylic had to be able to come off to fix technical issues inside. The solution to this was fixing a bear to the pole and the bearing housing to the base of the acrylic. This allowed it to sit perfectly when in operation and come off with little hassle when it needed to.

Tic Tac Lumosity Marketing

One thing I wanted to work on for this project was some marketing for the interactive installation. This resulted in some initial sketches of what I was looking for before starting to explore different options using Adobe Illustrator. This leads me to use the bright colours known with my interactive installation using these colours on a series of posters.

Exhibition Setup