Video Editing Work

Project Fields:

  • Video editingĀ 

Programs Used:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

This is an assortment of different video editing projects I have been apart of. These all vary in complexity and were completed at different points in my design career.

Holiday Madness

A video I made for the cinema I worked at the time showcasing the upcoming movies that the cinema had coming out during that holiday season

Healthy Land and Water

In mid 2019 I had the opportunity to work for Healthy Land and Water. One of my first jobs was making this video which aims to effectively promote change when it comes to single use plastic bottles.


As on the SoundScape Page, the video was filmed and edited by my. It’s aim was to effectively promote SoundScape to ISPT as a part of the assessment for the class in a live presentation in front of high level people for the company.


This is a relatively simple video editing project. I wanted to play around with different layering of the same word changing the colour and slightly adjusting the positioning to create an effect. This coupled with applying a distort filter this created an effect I was aiming for. It started out as an idea and resulted in a video that matches that idea.

These videos were all done during my time at university and provided me with new skills that I can use in the future. It also provided a foundation to build upon hoping to one day be a better all round designer.

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